Interesting list of 10 memorable motorcycle rides. The author, Chris Parker, selected a diversity of itineraries across 12 States. Most are 1-day rides of 60-130 miles, except a long one stretching for over 400 miles across Tennessee, Alabama and Mississipi. Fodder for cruiser riders and long-distance tourers.

The article describes the landscape and historical events that happened there, and gives a few hints on technical difficulty, such as beware of moose crossings on Maine roads. There are useful planning notes at the end of each section, hinting at the type of gear you will need to ride comfortably and the seasons to avoid.

All along, a nicely documented article published by National Geographic. Our only regret: no word on Southern Arizona, the Grand Canyon or the Tonto Forest, all rides that rank at par with most of those covered by the article. Oh well, next time maybe!

Link to the article:

Image: Courtesy of National Geographic and Peter Blottman/Alamy

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