Patches, Sewing and Embroidery

We carry hundreds of patches in stock, including genuine Harley-Davidson patches, military and vets patches, name tags and MC tags, ladies’ patches, Christian patches, you name it!

But wait there is more! We invested in 2 sewing machines and a $12,000 electronic embroidery machine. Now we can sew any patch anywhere on any piece of garment, including sleeves and pockets!

Come in, pick a patch or two, we sew them on your gear in just minutes while you’re in the shop, done, you look cool!

Need embroidery? Bring your own design or select one in our collection(*). We digitize it, change the colors as you see fit, and embroider it. Then we sew it on so that your gear tells everyone who you are and what you stand for.

* Please note that we do not digitize, reproduce and embroid Harley-Davidson merchandise. All the Harley-Davidson patches we carry are genuine articles.

See some pics below…