Motorcycle Helmets

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We carry over 700 motorcycle helmets in stock. With one goal: To find you the helmet that fits your head and budget.

Our helmet selection covers the needs of 3 of the major segments of the motorcycle market: cruiser, sport and touring. Almost every biker in Southern Arizona can find a helmet that suits their head, with a great design that matches their riding style.

5 good reasons to try a helmet on at Renegade Tucson:

• Arizona’s largest DOT helmet selection
57 DOT helmets styles stocked and displayed – XXS to 5X*
Ultra-thin DOT, half, open face, modular, full face, kids, junior, and dogs!
Five certified helmet fitment experts to find your “best fit”
Helmet communication systems with installation available FREE

Our certified staff is indeed expert at helmet-fitting and our selection is wide enough to get you the helmet that fits your head right.

What is the shape of your noggin? Round? Oval? Semi-oval? Extra-large? Extra-tall? No worries: together we’ll figure out exactly the helmet that fits you perfectly. You won’t need to come back and try again.

Is the style of your helmet important to you? Through a lot of experimenting, we have picked the best styles from a diversity of brands.

We are an approved dealer for these helmet brands:


We carry them in all sizes: from Junior to XXS to 5X (when available).

Every biker has their own strong opinion on helmets. Whether you prefer a ‘shortie’ half (we have the best selection in town) or a 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a shield, or a full-face helmet or a modular (flip-up) full-face, we have your preferred style at great prices!

We carry kids helmets too. Novelty helmets? Got ’em! We offer germans, beanies and jockeys by Voss. We even carry dog helmets!

Some prices:

Shorty helmets start at just $59.95. 3/4 open faces with drop-down shields are on offer from $99.95. Modulars: from $179.95.

With its Helmet Central department, Renegade Classics Tucson truly offers the best helmet selection for Harley, Cruiser and Touring riders in Southern Arizona!