From April 6 to April 10,  ARIZONA BIKE WEEK is our very own Daytona Beach / Sturgis…

Are you ready to show up and off there? Renegade Tucson has a very special coupon for the occasion. Only works with your phone or if you print it and show it at the store.

  • 10% OFF Helmets, Travel Bags, Boots
  • 15% OFF Vests, Jackets, Chaps
  • 15% OFF Gloves, Head Gear, Hair Accessories
  • 10% OFF Pegs & Parts, Bluetooth, Mobile Sound
  • 25% OFF all sunglasses!

Pay attention to these restrictions:

  • This coupon may not apply to items already discounted (we can’t afford that!)
  •  It expires on Wednesday April 6, at 6 PM. Can’t use it after, sorry!
Click on the photo below to see the details in full size

Coupon for Arizona Bike Week

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