Helmet Lockstraps

Helmet Locks

Use it like a cable/chain lock, securing your stuff. 2.5 feet long with a 3mm stainless steel braided cable in the center. One hardened steel (Heat Treated) combination locking carabiner

Light weight and no scratching valuables. Beefy galvanized steel rivets to detour theft


This is great for motorcycle owners. Slip the strap through your jacket sleeve and face of your helmet to secure both to your bike. Don’t have a Full Face Helmet? No problem, Slide the carabiner through the “D” rings of the helmet or the “V” strap of the helmet. Lock multiple helmets, bags or other items securely to your motorcycle.

Also great for the construction sector, use this strap to secure valuable machinery, ladders and tools to your vehicle, offering great piece of mind. The uses for this product are endless!!

Come to our store at 4745 E Speedway, Tucson to try it on. Renegade Tucson says that the best helmet in any category of helmets is the helmet that fits your head right and it's best to try them on.