Girls’ Power

Girls’ Power

There’s nothing like a good team to run a good show. Our two queen bees, Jodie and Ashley rule the Renegade Tucson show.

On this photo taken last Friday, Jodie wears the ‘Ladies Boulevard’ leather jacket by Xpert.  Ashley dons the ‘MonteCarlo’ by First.

XPert is one of the great brands for leathers that the Renegade Classics stores carry for the quality of the craftmanship and their reasonable prices. They manufacture a variety of leather jackets and vests, including this Ladies Boulevard model, maybe named after Hollywood Blvd – so fashionable it is. It’s the Perfecto cut but a much cleaner version of it.

First Manufacturing has been in the motorcyling apparel industry for years, designing both leather and ballistic nylon jackets. This Montecarlo model fits snugly and the thick leather is very protective. The jacket has zippers for pockets and vents,  and an adjustment belt at the bottom.

Both leather jackets are fitted, so they underscore your waist very nicely without giving you bodybuilder shoulders.

Bad ass in leathers

Bad ass in leathers

Nothing like the right leathers on the right girl.

Model Ashley is posing here with an embroidered leather jacket for ladies.

This jacket fits nicely but not too tightly. It is embroidered front and back with purple thread, and comes with a textile liner and a hoodie.

A cool jacket that speaks power and will fit both cruiser and sports bike riders.

Currently in stock at Renegade Classics Tucson and other Renegade Classic stores in the nation.

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