Embroidering your designs: Not an easy task!

Embroidering your designs: Not an easy task!

When a biker brings in a picture of a design to be embroidered, we just can’t “scan it and print it”.

It needs to be digitized, which requires redrawing the design by hand in a $5,000 piece of software.

Next, then thread direction, density and underlay stitching instructions have to assigned to very element of the design.

Then often several test points are required to bet the bugs out.

Congratulations to Jodie for the design she produced for a biker friend last week!

Both Jodie and Ashley have acquired a lot of embroidery skills in the past few months. And we also have “go-to” outside design partners for really difficult designs.

If you can dream it we can make it happen. Bring in your best design!

Stylish helmets

Stylish helmets

Captain America and John Bull. Two stylish 3/4 helmets with the retro look that fits any dude on a cafe racer or a bobber.

The goggles are sold separately. They have a comfortable cushion that make you forget them on rides of any length.

Except of course of the looks you get. Stylish headturners.

60s Leathers

60s Leathers

The 1960s are back in style and FIRST Manufacturing gets them leathers back on the road.

This model is named the New Yorker and it has not just the cool looks but also the convenience. Check out the number of vents and pockets!

That’s an all-season pass, whether you ride on the East Coast or in LA. Bound to become a classic of the brand.

Currently in stock at Renegade Classics Tucson.

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